Kiss Me!

Bless the dagger that pierced the Knight;
His soul had run rampant,
but forgot his promise.
The youth he held was a gift from his fathers below.
Greatest of Gods decreed,
that the knight should be given a gift for such valiant efforts.
Goddess was she, whom he had saved,
his dearest and most beloved babe!
Crystal armor was his shield of savior which she who loved
him shall pierce through.
So the Goddess wept her youth of freedom,
and cracked the crystal shield.
She sold herself to her solid guard,
with a tragic price of immortality.
Sacred eyes with which few have see,
now pierce the skin to weep and weep.
A wicked daze has possessed the Goddess;
yet salvation has been found!
Setting suns’ say goodnight
and rise again in shades of blue.
Gods above watch her play,
and laugh at the mouse who bellows aloud!
‘Help me through the enchanted haze',
these gentle words were not enough so the Goddess was kept at bay.
Corner after corner she found the same stone wall,
and again begged and plead!
A fiercely terrifying sound replied to this vacant plea!
‘You will not leave my unholy domain,
for I envy all I can see’!
A deathly pain consumed the Goddess’ soul,
and she glanced at the source.
Crimson puddles gathered upon her ankles,
and a sleepy haze brought about salvation.
Her tired eyes sang goodnight to the hallow Sun;
now embracing the valiant Knight.
The sweetly salvaged Goddess blesses her darling’s soul,
with vacant kisses of her immortal world.
She had cracked the crystal shield,
so that youth may wither in!