Dedication to Bliss

Soils of the underworld,
Erupt in flashing lights.
Darkness has risen,
With the devil and his delights.
Cuddled under the harvest moon,
I dream with the dead.
My Masterís saints,
Enter with pale eyes.
Their sweet intoxicationís
Dedicate me to bliss.
I swallow Satanís tears,
I Consume the immortalsĎ kiss.
Sackcloth wings shroud me in flight,
And my night is drawn away.
Hell is now my domain,
As it burns my soul of scorn.

I can feel the heavenly rain
Corrupt this narcissistic fool.
It sends a gentle caress
Down the flesh of my lips.
The salt now inside,
Decays and multiplies.
The open wound,
Bleeds itís sins away.
While convulsing bodies,
Force the innocent to see.
Such wretched seeds that once were pure,
Now shall sleep alone this day.

The ball of yarn ,
Unwinds itís strings,
And the seed grows again.
Held prisoner by itís mothers void,
It screams its angst of leaves.
The serpent slithers within its cage,
Descending down forbidden halls.
He exits through his motherís womb,
And appears on the other side.
Now he knows he must repay.
And consumes his lifeless giver.
Entranced by the flashing lights,
His servants plant his seed.