Scorned Heroes

This once peaceful child of heavens realm,
now scorns his sisters who dance about
his depleted rays of light.

They mock his death as if it were merely a flaw,
yet they know deep down,
the dear sun had not a choice!
His sacred eyes take their vengeance
upon his sisters of shame.
He blows a kiss from his deadly soul
to scorch his scampering bloodline.
Dare they turn against a faith,
and sell their souls to Gods of nothing?

Now on the sun shall pay for his love of life.
He is forced to cease his fire
within cool waters of sleep.
His soul now tired,
smiles and retires his blood.

Tomorrow shall come again
as it always had and will.
He shall rise again to be scorned by his bloodline,
who laugh about in play.
Again and again he rises another day,
until his weary body shall decay,
then rise yet again for another day.