When We Met-Again

Red lights swim
in our direction
and fade into obscure
white glows
as we glare into
one another,

While it fades
and dims,
we just watch
it slip away,
and then move
beyond us.

The darkness readily
greets us
as we watch the
shadows dance
for the night is young
and ours forever.

Now music serenades
the both of us
as we glitter
into the sounds
that make love
to our ears.

Our tongues meeting
with passion
and full of lust
inside our bodies
as we share
one another.

Every second holds
my eyes to you
and the demand
inside calls
saying this night
is yours.

Maybe itís the demon
inside of you
or maybe an angel
of lust and pain
and the regret of sin
aching inside,

Since I betrayed him
again as before
and my only regret now
is waiting
just waiting for you
my fallen angel;

My fallen angel
of glitter
and beautiful
and intriguing

So now my body
moves with yours
and the sounds
of this night
which echoes inside
the two of us;

Through this night
of internal lust
with no end
in sight
and lights
that dance forever,

I stare inside
and fall
lost within you
and this
your dreams
of night.