Another KNight

I once had a dream
and thought it was real
until I fell asleep
and had a real dream

I found you in there
beyond all of this
hidden deep inside
some where between there and here

At first everything seemed unclear
falling into black and white
until gray came in
and everything became even less clear

So I slept through these shadows
blindly trusting my way
only I didnít trust myself
and became lost beyond those shadows

I could her you calling my name
so I followed that echo
and bumped right into you
only to realize that I had no name

So I ran from you
because of my fears
only to face my self
and come back to you

Now my vision becomes very clear
as colors come in to play
so now I know what you look like
only to make it even more unclear

What is it I want from you
now that I know what you are
I still canít figure this out
so I take a step towards you

Every time I step I slip in deep
lost between worlds
and I fear losing you
but I cannot help but fall too deep

So this is the end of the dream
only to find myself awake
as I slip into sleep
and find that this is the beginning of my dream