The Addiction

I slid inside your serpent tongue
aching and displeased by your bitterness
Your poison slips through my veins
and I die inside like I always have

You thought it was you
who bit me first
and never believed me
when I said you were merely second

I fought against your acid bowls
and slipped free beyond your grasp
Scorned and rejected you sent another
who was more filled with poison than you

The most deviant client you have ever possessed
slithered near me to swear an oath
of lies and trickery
to lure me inside

Yet all along I knew what he was
and knew never to trust a serpentís eyes
It was all about pushing my limits
and finding my will inside

You laughed at me when I entered
and thought you both had won
with me inside of him
and his acid bowls

Only I was the one who resurfaced
yet again and again
So I think I shall declare this score
point two for me

Now you slither away and try to pretend
that you have won at last
only to realize that your loss
has you addicted to sadness in my eyes.