And I fell into you,
when the rain came down
and you died inside too.
And the winter came today,
early as ever before
and there was nothing to say.

But that night in the rain,
when the water ran in our eyes,
I could not see the pain.
But you cried that night,
and died when I looked inside
to find there was no light.

So the rain gave us away
under the echoes of puddles,
and the truths we sway.
So we lied to our souls
and made it believed
that there were no such holes.

Then I drown in your walls
made of winterís white snow,
and cry as the pain smiles and calls.
Then I smile at your lips,
licking and biting
until your flesh gives in and rips.

Next I will smile
with the lips I stole from you,
and lie down for a little while.
Next I will rest under your skin,
rotting with hatred
and filled of lust and sin.

As I fall in to you,
while the snow is coming down
and you die inside too.
As the winter settles in today
earlier than it ever has before
we knew exactly what to say.