If I Say I Love You...

If I say I love you,
does that really mean forever;
or does it mean I love you today,
and tomorrow I say goodbye?

We say our vows in the pouring rain,
where it hides our lies
written in vein.

Our hearts scream out loud
inside of our sighs,
fighting the maddened crowd.

Can we find one another here;
beyond the madness,
through the echoes of fear?

If you say you love me,
do you really mean it forever;
or does it mean you love me today,
and tomorrow you say goodbye?

They told us we could never go this far,
we could never make it here,
but we shattered their stained glass jar.

In the beginning we proved them wrong,
but how much longer,
before we end this song?

Show how it feels to die with you,
to live another life,
then begin anew.