The Empress's Curse

The Empress departed,
Leaving only one trace behind,
meant for the mourning guest.
His quiver explained it all,
empty and full of decay.

The only shelter He could find,
was the kingdom she had abandoned.
Once He entered He found His curse.
Day after hour,
and minute of angst,
He dreamed of knowledge,
and escape from this power.

He watched the world pass on by
through hollow glass,
until She came for shelter.
Lost within the fields of heaven, She spotted the kingdom of hell.

He opened the door to invite Her in,
away from the mass distorted world.
She thanked Him fully,
then removed Her bag of books.
She gave the bag in offering to Her savior.
Supplies of knowledge filled His shelves,
but eventually they ran dry.

The starving savior begged for more,
but there was nothing more to give.
She gathered together leafs of paper,
as they spouted out their dreams.
Together they wrote their world of lies,
to corrupt the youth to come.