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Welcome to the Links page.

The following links are official sites.

The Official Sesame Street Homepage


Bear in the Big Blue House

The Puppet Cafe


Hallmark Channel

The Official Home Page of the Muppets World Order


Mopatop's Shop

Muppets From Space

Sesame Street Live

Here are some fan sites.

Muppet Cameos

Wife of Jim Henson shares her love of Muppetry

Jim Henson The Father of Dreams

Jim Henson 9-21-81 Interview

Muppet Movies Lyric Archive

Jim Henson at Maryland

Fionaurora's Jim Henson Page

The Muppets Sound Page

For Muppet Lovers Everywhere


Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

The Swedish Chef

Muppets From Around the Web

Sunny Days

Elon's Muppet Show: A Dedication to the Great Jim Henson

Kelsey's Play Page

Vintage Muppet

The Kermit The Frog Cyber Collection

Muppets Unite

The Muppet Rainbow

The Rainbow Connection

Rick Lyon's Photo Album

Dan's Muppet Pictures

The Muppets Homepage

Jan's Muppet Page

Jeszi's Fabulous Muppet Babies Site

Mars Muppet Page

Jim Henson: The Mind Behind the Muppets

Oh, Do You Know The Muppet Man?

Television Series

The Fozzie Bear Homepage

Muppet Help Wanted!

Kermit Inspiration

Fraggle Rock Petition

Elmo Net

The following are devoted to the movie Labyrinth.

Beginning the Labyrinth

13 Hours...

The following site is devoted to the movie The Dark Crystal.

John's Dark Crystal Page

Here is a web site that is devoted to The Land of Gorch.

The Land of Gorch Tribute Page

Here are links to Web Rings.

The Muppets Place Net Ring

Froggie Lovers' Web Ring

Muppet Collectables Web Ring

Here is a great forum where you can talk to other Jim Henson and Muppet fans.

Here are some links to sites that provided images for this web site.


Background Gallary

The Clip Art Universe

Celeste’s Holiday Graphic Collection

Dinosaurs Clip Art

Other great sites to visit. - Educational Resource for Kids

My other web sites.

The Young Riders Are Cool

The Fab World of Beatles

Ebay Store: Northstar Treasures Books

If you have a site that you would like me to add to this page,
email me by clicking the burping frog.