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The Moi Generation

This shocking-pink hybrid of Alex Carrington and Scarlett O'hara burst onto The Muppet Show in 1979 as spokespig for the moi generation, and she hasn't stopped bursting ever since. With Muppeteer extraordinaire Frank Oz as her right hand, Miss Piggy has shown two decades of TV and movie audiences that she is caring and heartfelt and if you disagree she will make time in her busy schedule to trounce you into the dirt. One of Jim Henson's finest, fullest, funniest creations, Miss Piggy strikes a cord in all of us because she's so much like what we try to hide about ourselves: Bluster covers insecurity, sweetness covers envy, star behavior covers career frustration, and yards of material cover mid-swine bulge. "I always knew," she told TV Guide in an exclusive interview, "that I was destined for le top." From barnyard to penthouse, you've come a long way,, baby.

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