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Kermit's Quotes

Here are some quotes from Kermit the Frog. A couple of these quotes are from the official web site You can submit a quote!

Kermit's famous greeting:
Hi, Ho! Kermit the Frog here!

When Kermit was asked about Jim Henson here are a couple of things he said:
Who's Jim Henson for God sakes? I'm up here working my tail off!

I hear his name bandied about a lot, but I don't know him. I don't know who Henson is. He seems to have his hand in a lot of things around here, but I don't particularly know what that means.

Here's what Kermit says about his relationship with Miss Piggy:
Miss Piggy and I have a professional acting relationship. I act like a profressional, and she acts like we're having a relationship.

Miss Piggy really hasn't mellowed much. Piggy is a prima donna. And her reputation proceeds her, I'm afraid, just like her snout.

Favorite Kermit songs:
When green is all there is to be, it can make you wonder why, but why wonder. I'm green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful, and I think it's what I want to be.

Someday you'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me.

It's not easy being green.

Kermit's philosophy on life:
Life's fun when you're having flies.

I've got a dream too, but it's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with.


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