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'I'm looking over a four leaf clover!'

< >We found our pictures, animations, and backgrounds at:
~Clipart Castle

< >Everything you see here is property of me. If I see any of my work (writing, design, etc.) on someone else's page, you will be in pain for at least a month. If you wish to take anything, please email me.

Note to People Who Have Mental Problems
< >Mozart is not really here with me, I'm not Mozart, and I don't know Mozart. The only affiliation I have with Mozart is by the conversations we have in my head - in the middle of the night.

Note to People Who Don't Like Me
< >DEAL WITH IT! Ermmm, well, also realize that I'm NOT trying to be insulting. I try to be funny, although I fail more frequently than succeed. I most likely don't have a grudge against you, and I'm certainly not out to get you. If I were, wouldn't I be hacking into your files by now? Of course, how do you know I'm not doing that RIGHT NOW? Buwahahahahaha!! ::cough:: Sorry.... Personality ::cough:: clash. :-)