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About Genie

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About Genie

< >Welcome to the place where you can learn about me and only me. If you can hear the music in the background, you probably hate it, like me, but I thought "Genie in a Bottle" would be a good song to play for "About Genie". Anyway....

My Personalities

Genie Wisp (or just plain Genie): The person who created these web pages. She's very nice, unless you decide to tick her off. She is also the writer of stories in this establishment.

Megs: My alter ego. Only appears when I accidentaly type her name. She's the personality that brings out the German and Irish in me. She gets mad easily. Don't provoke her. :-) That's about it for Megs!

Mozart: Yes, believe it or not, this is a personality. He (yes, he) brings out the nutcase in my personality. Unfortunately, he's also quite useful and creative. As I said, this personality's a guy, but don't blame me! I can't determine who or who doesn't take over my mind!

Ashley: Not much to say about this one! She's cool! :-)

Hope: She's very (ahem) sweet, but knows how to take care of herself. (::smiles horribly at the real Hope::)

Other: I, Genie, am a devoted reader of anything and everything. My reading obsessions at the moment are the Harry Potter and Animorphs series. I like classical music, some modern stuff, and pretty much everything except rap. Aside from all that, I like Celtic. ::slaps everyone who groans:: Take that! And that! And don't forget that! Oh yeah, ummm, if you have AIM and you want to IM me, my screen name is GenieWisp. :-)

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