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Sassy's Photo Album

Hello I am ,"SASSY"


This is the main man in my life!!My Hubby Larry Wayne

This is Larry and me

My Wonderful Parents

(Agnes Marie)
(William Matthew)

Two of the greatest people I have ever known!

My Brother and Sisters!

Mary and her hubby Harry

Buddy and Jane Lee, my only brother and his wife

Janie and Gerald, my baby sister and her hubby.

Stevie and Sue Carol

Stevie Clay Sr.

"Stephanie Lynn"

Harley Clay, Stephania's son,my oldest great grandson

Kaitlynn, Stephania's daugter, my great grand daughter

Stevie Clay II, My Grandson who I call Thumper.


Grandson who turned eight in June.He collects Hot Wheels cars and Loves country music.....


Zack: "Hey Dad, Let Buy this one !"

Dad: "And who's Gonna drive this big thing Boss?"

Zack: "Well Me ! Of course !"

This is the Simpson Cousin's. Frankie Matthew Jr.: age four and Stevie Clay II: age three.

My daughter Rosanna

My only living daughter . Have been told she is a lot like myself . lol

James Reynolds and Family ,(Rosanna's oldest son),wife Tammy,Susan & Christina>

James Allen Price( This is my great grandson,JR's first child )

James Allen , I called this little guy Pony Boy.

This is my youngest great granddaughter Jamie Marie. She is the first redhead since I was born in the family.

Tiffney LeeAnn

My Grandaughter.

> My Grandson, Walter Matthew>

This is my newest great grandson Rocky will be his nickname but his real name is Austin Matthew . He was born on Feburary 13 ,,2002

Austin now has a little sister who will be placed here soon as I can get pic's of her . Her name is Haily Summer

This is my biligocal baby boy whom we call Big Frankie (hehehe)

Betty , The love of my son's life and the mother of his son.

Tank played the sax in his school band. Played all four years of high school.

SueLynn Marie, my grand daughter and Frankies daughter and the mother of Brieanna


Hi My papa is Frankie Sr.

John and Tina, John has been my son since he was 10 years old!!

John Austin,my grandson

Smatha Faye,my grandaughter


My Angel Jamie was born on December 13 ,1961 God let us have this Darling Angel for three months and three days before he took her back on March 15 ,1962 She is the youngest of my bilogical children. Jamie"s page is Born To Bloom in Heaven ,please read her story!.

Yes I have been blessed with a great family!!!!!AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY!

I will be adding more pictures of my family soon. Thanks for stopping by and make sure and stop at Larry's Family Album