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Sassy's Nest

Hello There !

I am so glad you decided to visit with me. Welcome to Sassy's Little Nest !

Hi, my name is Mickie Anne but on the web I go by Sassy. I am just a country girl from the bluegrass state. I love the country and look back at my youth as the best time of my life. So grab yourself a ham and biscuit with a good old cup of hot coffee. and sit back ,relax and enjoy yourself

I am the oldest ,having two sister's and one brother all younger than myself. We are all grandparents and Mary and myself are proud to say were great grandparents as well. Our Parents are both dead and gone to be with Jesus. But it seems as though our little family just keeps growing and growing.

I have four bilogical kids of my own, Stevie Clay, Rosanna Marie , Frankie Matthew and Jamie Lee, plus two foster sons John and Robert. I have twelve grand kids and nine great grandkids.

I love to read good books and some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Tony Hellerman,John Grisham, Dean Koontz and Cassie Edwards. You will fine that I have a liking for many different things . I love my computer as I have made a lot of wonderful friends on line with it. I always have the doors open here at Sassy's Nest .

So take your time and browse as long as you like. I do hope you enjoy yourself as I enjoy having you visit and you can let me know just how much, by signing my guest book before you leave,PLEASE !

"Ya All, Come Back Now! Ya Hear!"

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Hey Crafty! love yaaaaaa, Sis !

"God Bless America"

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