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They Have Gone Too Far

God directs me,with pen in hand,

To write this poem to our great land.

A country , as blessed as ours

Remains in shock over the Towers,

The pentagon, anthrax,and all the rest

Which has certainly put us all to the test

Of keeping our cool and trying to stay strong:

We were not the ones who did anything wrong

We've always gone to the aid of others

Trying to help any of our brothers

Across the oceans or anywhere

That we felt their treatment was unfair

We don't stand idly by or cry

Wringing our hands and saying, "Oh,My!"

So in one way, and in due time

The guilty will pay for this astrocious crime.

Those hijacked planes that caused so much harm

And made all those people into human bombs

For it was such a terriable thing to do

An attack which the terrorists will come to rue.

The Taliban thought our country would be weak

Or perhaps,"turn the other cheek!"

But when others start a confrontation

We're going to defend our wonderful nation

So after all the havoc they did wreak

It's with bombs and missiles that revenge we seek

Even though we hate to go to war

Justice now is what's called for

Those terrorists will not be tolerated

And they surely have us under rated

All the blessed freedoms which we enjoy

The future needs to be defended for each boy and girl

Many lost their loved ones, we all had to mourn,

With so many victims, we all feel forlorn

Our hearts are heavy and it's hard to be strong

But they went too far, when they did us wrong

We'll try to miss their innocent people

And only hit the ones who are evil

To any others who are in the way

"Were very sorry," we'd like to say

Just let this be a lesson, well learned

Any injustice that causes us concern

Will be dealt with in a most timely fashion

But not always with a lot of compassion

God is love and He doesn't condone

All this fighting and destruction of home

How can we ever have world peace

If hate and jealousy don't decease?

Just compare the way we've all been blessed

And American seems to come out the best

Let us all take pride in our U.S.of A

And keep our flag-waving and here to stay!


Author Unknown