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Together In Heaven

There are parents and there are parents !

These two wonderful people are my parents They were so in love from the first sight of each other untill they were taken back to heaven Now they are again togather and I can see the love on their faces, while singing in the angel band

My Daddy was a very tender hearted man who adored his wife and children He was a hard worker and played his french harp for us He loved to play it and sing His favorite pieces to play were Red River Vally and Walsh Bash Cannon Ball

Honesty and fairness were two things that Daddy believed in Daddy was only eighteen when they got married and at that time he was driving a Ford Model T car With a rumbel seat in it LOL He also loved cars ,trucks, fishing and working with the land His family came first then his love for God.

Three months after mother passed away on Halloween eve,daddy shot himself and went to be with mother He missed her so very much and said he didn't want to live with out her Now they are togather again I Love You, Daddy !

My mother never weighed over ninty-eight pounds She was a tiny lady but when she spoke us kids knew we had better answer her or we would have the devil to face. One thing we all knew was to always be respectable toward our parents and anyone else. I can't ever remember getting a spanking from my mother but Daddy sure did laid them on my backside LOL

when mother married she was only fifteen years old and was to be sixteen the next June Daddy always told here that what got his attention was the homemade panties he saw one day, when she jumped off the old store pourch That they has sugar cane written across the back of them He also said he wanted to see how sweet she really was LOL mother work as hard as Daddy did out in the fields with him after working for somone else place all day. Sometimes untill late at night. Where ever you saw one you would see the other Mother loved husband ,her children and her God She was a very sweet natured lady ,didn't have much to say but when she did you knew to listen LOL I Love You Mother!

I miss you both so very much, Think about you every day and talk to you all the time

Keep looking down on us as we all still need you to watch over us yet. The two of you are our guardian angels!