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The Garden of Friendship was formed with a vision,

a vision where men and women come together, form

friendships, build on each other's weaknesses,

thrive on each other's strengths, and move forward

to improve ourselves and help others, making the

world a happier place.

As humans, we all have weaknesses and

insecurities. As a group, we have the power to

overcome these uncertainties building confidence

through the support of others. We have the ability

to thrive and rise to the top.

Time is of the essence, and life is too short for

us to spend time dwelling where we feel we are

incapable or inadequate. We must learn to better

ourselves and live each day as though it were our

last. We should always strive to leave footprints

on the hearts of those we touch, leaving happy

memories behind.

We must be careful with our words, yet remain

truthful. We must take the time to think before we

speak as an innocent remark can often leave an

emotional scar on a wounded heart. Our actions

should always be backed by love and we should

always treat others as we would want to be treated

ourselves. One of our goals should be to always

leave smiles behind us as we travel down the path

of life.

We will not show prejudices nor will we

discriminate. We must reach out and help others,

particularly those less fortunate than we are.

This may be done through a smile, a kind word, a

gentle touch, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry

on. Just remember, a bridge would fall without

proper support, as would we.

Earn trust through speaking the truth, as trust is

one of life's most precious gifts, and once trust

if violated, the structure of the friendship is

weakened, sometimes impossible to mend.

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Thank You Mentor's Committee for the award.

WOW ! I can't believe it's been a whole year. (lol)

Another wonderful year in the Garden.

Thank You Tweety-Pye

"Thank You Crafter's "


Every special person who touches our life,

Leaves their own unique mark on our heart.

A mark which can never be chizzled away,

Even if the years eventually pull us apart.

We can take on their expressions and such,

The more we share of ourselves together.

It's those little things about another person,

Which can remain a part in us forever.

People who we have met throughout our life,

Become a part of the person who we are today.

We learn and we grow from the relationships;

Each one touching us, in it's own special way.

We laugh about spending too much time together,

When we think we have become like each other.

But it just shows how much we've been touched,

By the relationship we have found with another.

Those special people who can touch our lives,

Are like precious jewels amongst life's treasures.

They shine on us and leave a lasting impression;

An unique mark on our heart;

A gift without measures.

>©Pamela Hall

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