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Home is where we have our history, 
Began our traditions,
took our rites of passage.
It was where we were first loved, 
First safe, first found to be special.
It was where we were sheltered and nourished,
Then equipped and sent on our way.
Throughout it all Dad, you sat visibly in our midst.
We feel your blessing on our lives,
helping us to see the beauty
 and opportunities for our futures.


Sassy's Dad on the left, Larry's Dad on the right.

William M. Herrington and Alvin L. Emmons

A father's love is like a grand oak tree

Standing strong against the forces of time

Standing against the wind blowing free

Waiting for the children to climb.

A father's love is like a bird in the sky

The flight is long and full of fears

Taming the winds that are on high

Watching for anything to come near.

A father's love is everlasting

It persists even if wrong is done

In his eyes nothing is too great

And no time is too long.

A father's love will not die

His love will continue even when he is gone

His love will touch many Through his Daughter or Son.

Written by Jeremy Dachs