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12/28/99 : NEW! I just got a really great book from the 80's full of STRYPER sheet music.  I have already sequenced "Together as One" and will post it shortly.  Still working on the "Life Goes On" also.  Keep coming back as these STRYPER midi files will be exclusive to this site and maybe one other for a time.  As always take care!!! -Tom

12/20/99 Happy Holidays! This week I have uploaded two new midi files. Both of which are POISON!  "I Won't Forget You" and "Fallen Angel." Check them out on the midi download page!  Coming next: "Life Goes On" -POISON.

12/10/99 : Just added a new midi file from Firehouse, "When I Look Into Your Eyes."  Coming next will be "I Won't Forget You" by none other than the coolest band from the 80's "POISON!!!" In the coming months I will be sending up some of their best with a little help from ebay, old sheet music and a few bucks. :)  I am hoping to send up the best of CC and the guys during these next few months.  Also... C.C. DeVille has a new band called "The Step Mothers." You can check out the latest info at their website "" Drop him a line and say, "YO!"

11/28/99 : New midi files in the works.... The coming year, I will be featuring more midi files by Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Firehouse, Dokken, And Poison, among any others I can find sheet music/tab/scores for.  I am looking right now to get some sheet on Poison to make some midis that are more accurate than what was previously available of them.  

11/22/99:  Updated "Too Young To Fall In Love" by Motley Crue!!!  Drums are more accurate and Nikki's bass style is right on!  Also added vocals.

I would also like to grab the opportunity to say I can no longer attempt to update on a weekly basis.  It has been extremely busy at work and I travel 3 hours a day back & forth to work.  However I can make sure there is a fresh midi each month, working them on the weekends and such!  So enjoy the new midi, because this is the only place you will find these titles!!!! :)

10/08/99:  I finally finished the new midi!!! Yayyy for me!  After three weeks I am really glad it's done! I hope you enjoy my newest addition, "Wild Side" by MOTLEY CRUE!!!

In the works, I am currently working on "Let it Rock" by Bon Jovi... It will be finished and uploaded in coming weeks. Have a good 3-day weekend!!!


The new midi for this week has not been finished yet. I have been working on it for two weeks!!! This is a lonnng one!  Over 4 minutes... (No it's not Iron Maiden!)  :)  It's almost done and on it's way.  This one (surprise!) will be up before the end of the week.  Iit will be the featured midi for the coming week.

  • Just acquired sheet music for Europe, Lizzy Borden and Ratt (Dancing Undercover?) I should be working on several of the songs from these in coming months.
  • Any KISS fans, I have almost the whole library of their songs in midi. Due to space limits, I will only select a few to list here. However if you are looking for any particular one, I will be glad to email a copy or you can go over to "KISS MIDI EMPORIUM"

09/29/99 Update: The end of the month is here... I added a few more midis to the list.  None of which are my own.  Since they are some of the best from the 80's I thought I would share them!

  • After having "ED HUNTER" for a week now, I have to say this is by far the BEST Iron Maiden CD to date! Thanks Guys!  The game? Well it is very challenging even for a veteran gamer as myself!  Nice graphics...  The soundtrack is cool too!  That's it for this week.
  • Next week I will upload another midi not found anywhere else on the internet... promise!!!

09/22/99 Update:  We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, is online!  I have a few others that will be uploaded as well soon.  Some new heavies should be up next week! In planning are Motley Crue and Bon Jovi.  These will be obscure midi not found anywhere else!!!

JUST RELEASED IN USA!!!!  --- Iron Maiden hits us with a 3 CD set!!! The top 20 songs of all time as voted for by the fans!  The third cd is an interactive shoot 'em up game called "ED HUNTER" featuring Eddie, Iron Maiden's cool mascot! GREAT graphics and you can choose the sound track out of the 20 songs! Also there is a "hidden" track on disc one featuring Bruce Dickinson singing, "Wrathchild."

09/15/99 Update:   

I am working on a new midi.  Actually I am re-sequencing one that someone else did and fixing the drums up a bit.
Expect, "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister to be up before the weekend! (Weekend's are cool!)

09/13/99 New this week!!!: 

18 & Life, Final Countdown, Last In Line, Live Wire, Shandi, Wasted Years.
I hope you will enjoy them.  As far as I know, "Live Wire" has never been done before.  In the future I will have a much better version of "Too Young To Fall in Love" coming.  More Motley Crue midi on the way!  I also have some Bon Jovi coming and who knows what else?  Let's keep it a surprise! mmmkay?  :)

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