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This is a page I have set aside to display my awards. It's my way of saying thanks to those who show appreciation for what I have done here!

"I would like to extend my congratulations on producing a very visually appealing and resourceful web site dedicated to Metal Midis for all your visitors to enjoy. An excellent addition to the web, one that you should be very proud of." - Ben Ciolczynski

Thank you Ben, it is a great honor to receive such an award!  I will continue to do my best on this site and make it as interesting as possible for all of my visitors.  - MetalElf_2000

Congratulations! You've won the Wishing Well Web Page Excellence Award! You've put a lot of hard work into your web page and your efforts should not go unrecognized! - MaryLou White

Thank you MaryLou! (my mom's name...) :)  Your kind words are much appreciated, and I display your award with honor! Thanks again! - MetalElf_2000

We are pleased to give you the Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Entertainment Award.  We applaud your site's interaction, unique graphic applications and invaluable in-depth content. - Lynne Miller

Thanks Lynne, It is much appreciated!!! Thanks for the cool award! -MetalElf_2000

Congratulations! You have won my "Pick Of The Litter Award!" and "Beautiful Award." - ~*nitsug*~

Thank You, Heather!!!  Wow... TWO awards!!!  They are very nice.  Thank you very much!  GO BOSTON!!! - MetalElf_2000

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