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Accardi, Lupo, Micele, and Associated Families

Welcome to my page! My name is Martina Accardi Wright and this page is devoted to the family history, and genealogy for the Accardi, Lupo, Micele and associated families.

It should be said at the beginning of this there has been a long standing family debate on the Micele side of the family over the spelling of Micele. Should it be Micele or Miceli? In order to keep things simple, the spelling here will be Micele because most of the historical documents I have found spell the name this way. My apologies to Tony!

Also note that the women of the family will be refered to by their maiden names in order to help keep things simple.

Micele Family

I will begin with the Micele branch of the family.

The first known Micele family members were born in Sicily and died in Sicily.

Iganzio Micele.
He was the father of Mattia Micele.

Antonia Butera
She was the mother of Mattia Micele.

This information was taken from the death record of Mattia Micele.

Mattia Micele was born approximatly 1857. Actual birth date is unknown at this time. She was born in Alcamo,Sicily.
Mattia married Anthony Micele in Sicily. Anthony died in Sicily before the family came to the United States.
It appears that she arrived in Grand Rapids in 1912.

Mattia died March 21 1941. Her dress caught on fire and she died from third degree burns at St. Mary's Hospital.

Names found here are Accardi & Matranga

Grampa Accardi…

  • He was named after both of his grandfathers.
  • He is the only child born to Giuseppe (Joe) and Martha Accardi.

Grampa Accardi's Branch of the Family Tree

Starting with...

  • Great Grandfather - Giuseppe (Joe) Accardi - born 7/17/1905 in Alcamo, Sicily. Died Dec.11, 1980 in Grand Rapids. Michigan, USA

He had one brother, Gaspare or Caspare, who immigrated to Argentina. He also had one sister, name unknown, who stayed Sicily and died at an early age.

  • Father: Dominic Accardi - born and died in Sicily - all else is unknown
  • Mother: Julia Matranga - born and died in Sicily
  • Brother: Gaspare or Caspare - Date of birth unknown - He immigrated to Argentina date unknowm - Date of death unknown.
  • Sister: Name-unknown ; Date of birth-unknown ; Date of death-unknown

This is where we run into trouble…
This is all the further back we have gotten so far. We need to find our family. Can anyone help us? If there is any one who has anymore information on this family, would you e_mail me?

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