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Ancestors of Our Pygmy Herd

Kokopelli Acre


As you can see, all of our stock come from very nice backgrounds.
They have been bred for correctness and ease of kidding. If you click on their
names you can view their pedigrees.

Thanks for visiting my site and looking at my goats. If you have any questions
or see something you're interested in, please email me.

Please scroll down to view all of the photos.

PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Juliet

Juliet is the granddam of our Kokopelli Acre's Star of Orion and dam to PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Lucky Charm, shown below.

PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm is the daughter of PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Juliet (above).

3x GCH Pure Platinum Diego

Diego, is the sire of Res. GCH Azure Springs Orion

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