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With this calculator, you can determine your doe's due date...OR...if your doe has
already kidded, you can determine the breeding date. (for servce memos, etc.)

Simply fill in the date that you know, for istance, if you know the breeding date,
fill that in and press "CALCULATE" and you'll be given the doe's due date.
Likewise, if you know the date your kids were born, fill in the "DUE DATE"
and press "CALCULATE" and the date of service will be displayed.

NOTE: This calculator is offered for reference use only. Dates given are based  upon a
150 day gestation. Actual gestations may range from 145-155 days. You may notice that
some calculations given are actually 151 days, which is still just an approximation.

Insert the date in the format:  01/01/99 etc.

Breeding Date:

        Due Date: