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Welcome to Kokopelli Acre Online


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Welcome to our farm.
We are located in Norco, a rural island located in sunny Southern California. We raise
and show ARBA registered Mini Rex rabbits and NPGA registered African Pygmy goats.
We breed for quality & correctness. Quality stock usually available. We can help you
choose something to fit your breeding and showing needs. If we don't have it,
we will help you find someone who does. Please sign our guestbook at the bottom of this page.

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Mini Rex Rabbits

Grand Champion Gan Neonna, senior broken castor doe, with 4 GC legs including 2 BIS from the Reno show on 6/17/01. She will begin her breeding career after the ARBA Convention. Her brother, GC Gan Novice also has 4 GC legs. Neonna & Novice are out of Gan Haven's "magic" NAM/PAC cross, notable for producing top herd sires. Novice is very small. He is an energetic herd sire that throws good type & pattern.

We specialize in broken castor & red but are working on blacks & opals. We hope to add blue soon, as well. Our junior black buck, Gan Barclay just received his third GC leg. They are all BOV or BOSV. One more as a senior & he will be finished!

We breed for excellence and strive to keep a small high quality herd. Therefore, you will be able to purchase high quality stock from us. Let us help you get started on the right foot and develop a plan for success.

Due to Gan Haven's herd dispersal sale we have recently acquired some incredible foundation stock. We have acquired four new herd sires and eleven does. These animals are carefully linebred to ensure the best quality offspring. We will have castor, broken castor, black and red available in December and a limited number of reds available in November. A few animals will be available for sale at by the ARBA Convention in October. We are taking reservations now for these babies. We will email sample pedigrees upon request. We can ship or will deliver to the convention.

Our Herd Sires

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Pygmy Goats

This is Reserve Grand Champion Kokopelli Acre's Star of Orion, out of 2x Grand Champion Azure Springs Orion and Another Pygmy Pinup Gilda, born on 6/22/00. She is the first goat with my herd name. Needless to say, I am VERY proud! She is nicely bred having 10 PGCH ancestors in 4 generations. I will be breeding her to 2x GCH Azure Springs Nebo out of PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Simeon and PGCH Proverbial Pygmies Juliet in September.

All of my eligible stock has tested negative for Johnes, CAE/CL. I breed only to herds that have tested negative for Johnes, CAE/CL. We do disease testing annually to assure the continued good health of our herd.

You can click on highlighted names to view photos and 4 generation pedigrees.

Special thanks to Dennis & Carol Kucera of Azure Springs , Donna Elkins of Proverbial Pygmies and Jim & Debbie Hosley of Amber Waves Pygmy Goats for their instrumental help in us get started on the right foot!!

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Pygmy Goats

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