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Here is a whole group over links to all sorts of different sites. I hope you find one you like. Free email, everyone knows about it and if you don't well then your really not with it. is a search engine, you know to find stuff. just the one i mainly use. has alot of funny pictures. Mainly the pricless mastercard ones and if you haven't seen any of them then go takea look. Alot are pretty grotty, you have been warned. This is one of the places you can get napster, i don't nkow how long it's gonan still be up and running only time will tell. This is where this site was made and hosted, so if your looking to start a page up then this is the place to go. your wanting to know what movies are showing where then go here. This only is only from australians news, vote for songs. If you don't have cable you might not know what this is. funny site that has stick people doing everything you could imagine. Highly recomended to take a look at. to explain but very funny. Just Check it out yourself. site is very funny. It gives out awards to the people who died in the most funny and weird way.If you have time it well worht reading alot of them. site with heaps of games you can play online, some are quite good but others are just plain old shit. funny site with pictures, storys and heap other stuff. Just another funny site to check out.

simpsons site-Simpsons site. One best shows on tv in my opinion. Check out got heaps of stuff there on the charaters of the simpsons and more.

Lizzy-This friend lizzy site. Not alowed to say anymore on it.

Inbred Site-A site that a friend made about another friend. It's really pretty gay but thought put it here anyway cos i'm bored.

Tellitubbie Site-A revenge site from the the site above. Again it's pretty gay but i'm bored what can i say.