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Well i have finally got some things for you to download off this page. Also the things you download might not always work and i can't be blamed for that.

Animal Torture:

This game is rated M15+ and not for the faint hearted. One is about a fish and the other is a frog. Happy torturing. Download it

Corruption Test:

Find out if you are going straight to hell or if you one of gods favourites. Score will cahnge as you get older don't forget. Download it


Even thought it isn't christams anymore this is still funny. It's a song that santa sings, but it isn't one of the well known ones. Download it

Auto Insult:

With this you can make up your own insults or you can just let it make them up randomly. You can make some funny insults up. Download it

Urinal Game:

This is a funny little game in which you try and choice the right urinal to piss in. It's answers to this a quite funny.Download it

Mad Cow:

This is a funny word doc about the mad cow thing going around. it's quite good for a laugh.Download it

There will be more coming soon