The Unicorn Forest

You step through the portal and find yourself in an immense forest. Sunlight filters through the overhead branches and birdsong fills the air. You walk for a while before stepping into a small clearing. A creature is there, standing dappled with sunlight. It steps forward and you see that it is not only the sunlight that dapples it. It's coat is a brillant mixture of colors and designs. Then you notice the bright horn. A unicorn?

"Yes, a unicorn." The unicorn speaks for the first time, tossing it's lovely head. "I am Cresla'dee, or Snow Bell, a painted unicorn from Allonia. This is the unicorn forest. All those with pure hearts are free to walk the paths, but I am set to turn back those whose hearts are not clean. Look into my eyes." You are nervous, but you hold his gaze, unable to blink. After what seems like hours he glances away.

"You are worthy traveler. I will guide you through the forest if you wish." With that, he turns and walks swiftly into the forest. You follow quickly, not wanting to lose him. You walk along in silence for awhile, when suddenly a pure black unicorn appears in your way.

"Ah, Lana. Traveler, this is Lana, a Twilight unicorn from Moonstone Weyr. She does not speak the way humans do, but she wishes to welcome you to the forest." You nod your head respectfully to the twilight who returns the gesture then canters off into the trees.

Next, you are led to a small clearing in the woods which is full of hot sand. In the middle of the clearing, you see a small dome half buried in the sand. Nearby it, a tiny white unicorn stands, heaping more sand over the dome.

"Some unicorns give birth to live young, some lay eggs." Says Cresla'dee, motioning to the mound. As you walk closer, you see that it is a large egg. The small unicorn looks at you warily. "We do not know what kind of equine resides in that egg, but whatever it is shall be welcomed into our growing group. Chopin here protects the eggs, so you must not come here unless with one of our group." Cresla'dee heaps some more sand over the egg then trots off. You have to nearly run to keep up with him.

The sun is slanting through the trees when you see a flash of blue speed through the trees. When you mention it to Cresla'dee, he seems to smile, then speaks a few low words of an unknown language.

Another beautiful unicorn, her coat swirled blue, emerges from the undergrowth. To your surprise, she speaks.

"Heyla good traveller. I am Mon'eela, which means "Reflection". I am sorry for avoiding you, but Cresla'dee assures me you mean no harm. I am also a painted unicorn, though I have never seen Allonia." She shakes her head nervously, and Cresla'dee steps between you and the other unicorn.

"Forgive Mon'eela, she is new to this forest and not used to visitors. But it is getting late traveler." Cresla'dee announces. "You must go now if you do not wish to be in the forest at night. It can get rather wild if you are not used to it." He leads you to the portal and bids you farewell. "I hope you come again, traveler. It was a pleasant day." He hesitantly puts his silky muzzle into your hand, then shyly draws it back again. "Goodbye.." With that he turns away and gallops in the opposite direction. You watch him go, then turn and step into the portal.