Chinoth and Tyripa

You are walking over the weyrbowl when you look up and see a large adult green swoop in over your head. Having nothing better to do, you go investigate.

You clatter around the inside of the weyr, and finally reach what you hope is the right door. Opening it cautiously, you let out a sigh of relief as the green's swirling eyes peer at you curiously. A young woman of maybe twenty or twenty one turns looks up from the corner, where she was fiddling with an HN03 tank. The bronze flit on her shoulder chirps a greeting, then alights and swoops past you into the hall.

"Heyla! I am Tyripa, and this is Chinoth, my emerald beauty. The one that just left was Evrond, my flit. He just flew a firelizard queen yesterday, and now is trying to stay with her, at least until she lays. Soon, there'll be eggs on the firelizard beaches where the queen was hatched!" You question her about the tank, as you thought greens chewed firestone. "Well, yes, some of them. But Chin and I wanted to get started, and you have to wait to chew firestone. Besides, don't we get at least one chance to clutch? I like eggs, and Chin is very motherly for a green. She's going to rise soon...I think." She looks up at her dragon, who just sits and looks smug. Tyripa sighs, and turns back to you. "Do you want klah? It's not all that great anymore, since I left it sitting out all night, but it's still drinkable. You politely refuse the offer, and say that you must go. She nods. "You're sure? Well, thank you for stopping by traveler. You might want to get one of the weyrlings to take you by Talor Cliff Weyr where I Impressed, or to Gallimim Weyr, where I Impressed Evrond. Goodbye!

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