Wylirth and Tirla

You enter a largish weyr, filled with the sound of-silence? The weyr is fairly clean, though you spot a few spots the cleaner must have missed. In one corner of the room, near the worn flight ledge, a large dragonbed made of a dark stone, embedded with quartz, sits empty. On the other side of the room, a dark blue curtain blocks another hallway, probably to the living quarters. You decide that this weyr is just unused, and turn to leave, when suddenly a loud thud echoes from just outside on the flight ledge. You curiously hurry over to peer out and see a small green perching on the ledge and a girl scrambling off her back.

The girl rushes into the weyr, at the same time pulling off her helmet to unleash a cascade of dark brown hair which immediatly falls over her face and nearly covers her eyes. She spots you and raises a hand in greeting.

"Heyla, traveler. I am greenrider Tirla, and outside is my beautiful Wylirth. Sorry for not being here earlier, we were sent to take some of the women in the lower caverns to gather stuff." She shrugs and smiles fondly at her dragon. "I'm so happy to be a rider. And to think I almost didn't get Wylirth at all! She was abandoned after her hatching at Gallimim Weyr. I was going to be a canidate there, but when I went to sign up I heard her wailing and wanted to comfort her. Then she told me her name was Wylirth, and was so happy she had found me! Everyone was surprised, but happy too. No one likes a dragon to die." You nod and then turn around at the sound of wings. Wylirth has moved to one side of her ledge to make room for the larger blue that is slowly circling down. He finally lands, and Tirla rushes out to meet his rider.

"A'kil, I thought you'd never get here. Traveler, this is my weyrmate A'kil and Fornath. We were going hunting for flit eggs at the beach. Just wait, A'kil, I've got to feed Marli first." She turns and empties the bucket she was carrying earlier , which turns out to be some fish, into a small bowl. Immediatly a large spotted feline runs as fast as it's short legs can carry it to the bowl and buries it's face into the fish.

"Oh, Marli, don't be such a pig. This is my feline Marli. I got him from Glass Island Weyr when I was still a starcrafter's apprentice. He's a good companion, but also a little pig! Oh, well, are you ready to go A'kil?" The man nods and you wave to them as they fly off in the direction of the beach.

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