Welcome to Everest Weyr

You have made it to Everest Weyr!

As you breathe in the thin air, a blue dragon rises up over
the ridge above you. Startled, you creep to the edge of the cliff and look down. Hundreds of flying
shapes swarm through the air below. A huge circular clearing has been made in the
rock far below. In the sheer rock on both sides, weyrs of varying size
have been cut.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Startled, you turn to see

the blue dragon who flew past you has settled on the ground
behind you. A young man, his rider
leans on the dragon's foreleg and grins at you.

"Welcome to Everest Weyr traveler! I am M'kin and this is Quiteneth.

We're on watch duty, but if you need a ride down Quity'd be
happy to assist!

"What could I do in the weyr?" You ask doubtfully.

M'kin shrugs cheerfully.

"Oh, there's always something to do. If

you've got your eye on a rider's life, you could
check the Sands to see if they need candidates for the next clutch.
If not, it's always fun to go visit the Riders.
If your dragon's ready to fly, you'll have to check
with Weyrwoman Zilsa, she keeps track of that kind of thing."
He grins. "Have fun!"

The Dragonriders of Pern are Copyright Anne McCaffrey.

We at the weyr bow to her genius!