The Sands

There are Eggs on the Sands!

You walk through the passages pointed out to you by various helpful weyrfolk, and finally feel the heat of the sands up ahead as you finish your journey. As you peer over, you see ten large eggs basking in the sand, a large gold with strange wing markings hovering over them. Nearby, an even larger gold which you reconginze as Senior Queen Branth watches for intruders.

Gold Queen Branth, do NOT steal. She's banded for a reason...

"Looking to Impress, traveler?" a voice comes from behind you. Turning around, you see Weyrwoman Zilsa standing with another woman, a head shorter. They both look fairly amused.

"Well, as you see, Kianna's gold Liralth has been flown by B'ter's Bronze Kanith. So do you want to try and Impress? Why don't you read the rules. Or, if you'd like, you can check and see who has been accepted as candidates. We need 1 male candidate and 4 female candidiates.

Male Candidates

KaizerGo Visit
ValerGo Visit
AlrikGo Visit
JuvonGo Visit
MaelicGo Visit

Female Canidates

IronnaGo Visit
MirriumGo Visit
AladreaGo Visit
TakiraGo Visit
SyannaGo Visit