*A Note* Rxoie is pronounced Ricks-I-E, said faster.

Rxoie tossed and turned on her hard cot, halfway between dreams and reality. Finally with a huge heave, she fell off the cot. The shock of the cold stone of the floor finally brought her to her senses. Shaking her head, she put both hands on the Casa floor to steady herself.

Well, Rxoie, what do you have to say for yourself? She thought. You haven't gotten a good night's sleep since you left to become a bonder. So, what's bothering you? To any other person, this conversation would seem strange, but Rxoie always talked to herself. It kept her sane.

Standing up slowly, Rxoie pulled the looking glass over in her direction and stared at her reflection. Long black hair mussed and tangled from uneasy nights, dark circles under her hazel eyes. What in the world have I done to myself? I don't know what I've gotten myself in to, I haven't even seen one of these dragons, except the yellow that picked me up from the Farm. I miss my mother, I miss my father, and PTB's help me I miss that little brother of mine. Everything's so strange here! Seeing that she wasn't going to get back to sleep, Rxoie stretched and went into the bathing room. This casa was huge, but at the moment it just helped her remember how far away from home she was.

The girl dipped her entire head into the water, then pulled it up and wrapped her hair in a towel and grabbed a watering can nearby. She had been neglecting those herbs her mother had sent with her, and it would be embarrassing to send for more. It was nearly impossible in Rxoie's mind to cook without the herbs, and she loved to cook.

Rxoie dressed in her favorite blue dress, pulling the soft fabric over her head and kicked on a pair of sandals. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she was going to go there. I just hope I don't get lost.

Rxoie's feet had led her to the eggs. She could see them, eleven in all, guarded by a white who must be their mother. Eleven little eggs, all mottled different colors and lying haphazardly at all angles in the sand. Rxoie couldn't help but admire them, though she didn't dare go closer. The white dragon was huge!

"Excuse me?" The voice came so suddenly from behind her that Rxoie jumped and spun around in near a second. A boy, probably younger than Rxoie's eighteen Turns, stood there smiling up at her. "Sorry to startle you. I'm Yasvay, I was wondering if I could see your dragon's eggs." He cocked his head in a way that reminding Rxoie so much of her little brother.

"Oh, not my dragon. I'm still a bonder. I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd look at the eggs. I'm Rxoie." She shrugged and hoped she wouldn't look stupid, but the boy nodded.

"Ah, sorry. I'm a bonder too. I guess we shouldn't go see the eggs without permission, hold on a sec." To Rxoie's horror, he marched purposefully up to the white dragon, her head at level with her eggs. "Excuse me, but another bonder and I would like to look at the eggs. May we?" Rxoie covered her eyes, waiting for the boy's screams as the dragon ate him.

"She says yes! What'a you covering your eyes for?" The girl peeked through her hands to see both boy and dragon looking at her, puzzled. "Come on!" Yasvay beckoned to her, and then approached the eggs. Rxoie breathed deeply, then followed her friend.

Friend? I guess he is my friend. I sure do need one. Biting her lip, she bent down to stroke the closest egg, tentively at first. Fairly hard, but not as hard as wherry eggs. Feeling more confident, she bent down closer to the egg. Yasvay, nearby, seemed to be holding a conversation with his egg.

Well, if he's going to I might. Taking another deep breath and hoping she wasn't looking foolish, Rxoie began to talk. "Hello egg. I'm Rxoie." Well, that was a beginning.

"I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here, huh? Well, I'm a bonder. I guess, that's what that bondmate and her yellow said. They took me from the farm." She sighed, then continued talking.

"The farm? That's where I grew up. My mother and father, and my little brother live there. I used to live there too. I cooked the food that my father and brother planted, and helped mother keep the household straight. Mother's a wonderful seamstress. She made this dress, but I guess you can't see it now, huh?" She stroked the egg again, already feeling more comfortable.

"Then one day, a yellow dragon and her bondmate came and took me. Well, they asked first, of course. They said that a white dragon, that's your mother, had laid some eggs and they needed bonders. So I came. Mostly, I've been up in my Casa. If you ever hatch, you'll get to see the Casa. It's really nice and big, but a bit lonely."

"Rxoie?" Yasvay's voice broke through her conversation. "It's probably time to go now. Though Lilith says we can come back as many times as we like. She says there aren't that many bonders, and it can get sort of lonely here with the eggs." Rxoie stood up and smiled.

"All right, just a minute." She bent down over the egg and whispered. "Bye eggie. See you later." Then, she quickly stood up. "All right, let's go." The girl and younger boy walked off the Sands. "Yasvay, do you like to eat? Cause I've got a recipe I'm dying to try out."

"Rxoie! Up, NOW!" Rxoie shook her head confusedly as she looked up and spotted Yasvay's face, contorted with excitement, about three feet from her own.

"Yas, what're you doing in my Casa? Get out!" She waved her hand and turned over to go back to sleep.

"No, the hatching Rxoie! The eggs, right down there on the Sands, are hatching. And they need bondmates. Come on!" The boy pulled her arm urgently.

"What?" Rxoie was out of bed in a flash. Grabbing the white robe which hung limply over a chair nearby, she shoved it over her disshevled clothes. Glancing out side, she yelped. "Shards, Yas, how long have I been asleep?" The sun was shining brightly outside.

"Oh, it's near noon. I was coming up to see if you were sick or something when Lilith called everyone. Come on!" The boy, already in his whites, clattered out of the Casa. Rxoie sighed, then rushed after him.

White Lilith looked at the two late bonders disapprovingly as they entered the Sands and took their places on the logs. Then, she forgot all disapproval. The first dragon had hatched! A small brown chose Santian. Rxoie bit her lip as a green chose Zebudo. Looked like there wouldn't be a dragon for her friend. But no, wait, a brown was heading his way.

He's so adorable! Rxoie smiled for a moment, then tensed up. She'd forgotten that she needed a dragon too. A lovely little yellow had just passed her. Rxoie sighed.

Hey! I'm better than she is. Prettier too. Why'd you bother sighing over her? Startled, Rxoie turned to find a lovely blue picking her way royally across the sand.

Suddenly she bumped into one of the logs and was knocked to her tail. Laughing, the girl made her way across the Sands.

"Oh Badith. You aren't going to be this snotty all your life, are you?" Rxoie smiled as she helped her new friend off the Sands.

Bondmate's NameRxoie
Bondmate's Age18
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel
DragonBlue Badith
Bonded AtDejeunaux Casa

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