Rules for Dragon Impression

1.Your site must be child safe, and therefore, there must be a link back to your main page. A note, DRAGONS DO NOT GO ON INDEX PAGES!

2.Both Site URL and e-mail address must be working. If not, I will contact you, I am afraid that I must be able to see if the dragon's are taken care of.

3.Dragons come knowing their names, you can't name them or tell what color you are Impressing. That is one of the major things that bugs me really, really badly. And we do have a rather large watch wher...

4.There must be a link back to Everest Weyr (

5.Descriptions and interaction are very nice, just remember that NO ONE is perfect. Also, I know this might sound silly, but I don't want any telepaths or wizards, and not too many people with red hair/green eyes. I hate to say it, but these things are rarities (sigh), and there just aren't that many. It's fine to have them, but just not on too many canidates please.

6.NO DISABLED PERSONAS! I can't stress this enough. These people are supposed to fight thread, and blind/deaf/crippled people just can't do that. Clumsiness is not a disability, if it was, I'd be a cripple!

7. I must be able to read the words without highlighting them, and names must be somewhat Pernese. 8. Pernese pets, such as firelizards, canines, and felines are fine, but preferably only one, and at maximum three. Riders are busy people, and don't have time to care for a menagerie!

9.This isn't really a rule, but I don't like weyrs overflowing with graphics; they take too long to load, and some just look junky! Say there's gear, food, and other such things, but just don't show me all of it.

10. You may send in only two canidates. You may not send in two female, though you may send in two male. If you send in just one canidate, gender does not matter.

11.Just so I know you've read the rules, put the word "poodle" in the Comments box.

You look up at Zilsa, and she grins. "Finished? Do you want to see the Color Information? No? Well then, let's get you to the Form!