Reyneth and Rilanna

You enter the next weyr, which is rather bare. A young girl is asleep on the floor, and golden flit wrapped around her arm.

Her light blond hair is cut short under her ears and she looks somewhat familiar, but you can't tell from where and you don't want to wake her. You turn to leave but your footsteps seem to cause a loud sound, somewhere between a roar and a chirp. The girl's eyes fly open and she sees you, but instead of greeting you she runs farther back into the weyr. The flit, agitated, disappears between A few moments later the sound stops and the girl walks back into the first room where you still stand, hands on her hips, gray eyes narrowed. You relize to late that you are in for a scolding.

"How dare you come into my weyr, upset Reyneth, and send my flit between. You have no reason to be in here, that I know. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" She stares at you so hard that you are reminded of J'corde the weyrharper when he tries to teach the children of the lower caverns. You think of about half a dozen apologies, then burst out laughing. The girl stares at you, somewhat dazed, as you splutter that you were visiting dragons.

"Oh." The girl pauses for a moment, then breaks into a wide grin. "You came to see Reyneth? I can't blame you, she's gorgeous. Come on then, but you didn't have to wake her." She turns and beckons you to follow her deeper into the weyr.

A huge green weyrling(though, you reflect, smaller than other dragons)is sitting sleepily on the hollowed dragon bed near the flight ledge. The girl runs to her and strokes the great eyeridges lovingly. She turns to you after a moment.

"Traveler, this is my green Reyneth. I Impressed her at the Sands at Glass Island Weyr perhaps a turn ago. Is she not lovely?" You agree as you examine the huge creature, the swirling green-blue eyes, and the lovely somewhat batlike wings. The dragonet stares right back at you, then snorts and lays her head down. Her rider turns to you beaming and suddenly you recognize her.

"You're Rilanna, aren't you? From Fort?" You question. The girl's gray eyes fly open in surprise, then she narrows them.

"Yes, that is my name and I was born daughter of Lord Anip of Fort. I have been trying to forget that ever since I Impressed, and you're the first person that's recognized me." You stare at her again, and tell her that weyrlife must be good for her. You mean it too. She is no longer the spoiled little hold daughter you met at a Gather several turns back, and her shorter hair somehow softens her sharp nose and chin. She's less pudgy too, and is starting to get a tan. Rilanna moves behind her dragon and you wonder if she caught your appraisal.

"Reyneth needs to be fed, I'm going to go get her meal, and maybe I'll find Harla who you so kindly terrified." She turns to leave, so you cannot tell whether she's joking or not. "I wouldn't stay too much longer traveler, Reyneth is very hungry, and I don't think she'll discriminate about what she eats." With that she walks out of the weyr. You stand for a moment then glancing over at the dragon and trying to forget all that you've heard and known wasn't true, rather quickly leave.

Rider's NameRilanna
Age20 turns
DragonGreen Reyneth
Impressed AtGlass Island Weyr
Petsgold flit, Harla
Hair Colordirty blond
Eye Color gray

Dragon's NameGreen Rhylioth
Dragon's AgeWeyrling
Dragon's ParentsGold Tirnith and Bronze Sagarth
MateNone, Yet

Harla was Impressed at Twin Firestone Weyr.
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