Genomoth and R'tan

A small green dragon is lying on the dark stone dragoncouch of the next weyr you enter. She seems to be asleep, but you catch a glimpse of blue through the slits of her eyes. At a nearby desk, a boy of around eighteen turns is pouring through the hides stacked as high as he is on the floor.

Suddenly, a brown flit appears from in-between right onto a stack of papers! You dive for them, and right them just in time.

The boy looks surprised for a minute, then smiles and speaks. "Thank you traveller, I didn't even see Pital! I am R'tan, and this is my Genomoth. I Impressed her at Gallimim Weyr a while ago. We recently became full-fledged fighters, and thanks to her speed, we haven't been scored yet!" He scratches the dragon's eyeridges in pride, causing the half-closed eyes to close all the way. Suddenly, he frowns, and scratches off some skin from just above the ridge. "Oh dear, you do need to be oiled again. I think you're still growing! Excuse me traveller, but I'm afraid I've got to oil her now or forget about it. And besides, she's got to feed soon, and I suppose you don't like to watch dragons eat?" You grimace, and decide to explore some more weyrs.

Pital was Impressed at Glass Island Weyr

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