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You decide on a portal and this time Destiny follows you through. The usual blinding flash of light and seconds later you are standing in a dark place, seeing stars. After a few moments you are still seeing stars and you realize that you are standing on a hilltop, and the stars you are seeing are those that grace the sky. Destiny, who has been standing silently, beckons to you to follow her up the hill, where you see a lone figure standing near a tree.

As you come closer, you recognize the creature as a young unicorn. It keeps looking at the stars while you approach, but greets you both with a low whinny.

“Read any good books lately, Asha? ” Destiny laughs, and puts her arm around the unicorn. “Traveler, there is so much literature in our library that it gives almost all the Lair residents a headache. Asha here seems to be the one exception to that rule. To help us all out, when she comes across a particularly good book, she’ll write a review of it and then post it here in the library for all to read. She takes requests too, so if you’ve heard about a book, send her the title, author’s name, and basic subject. You must be sure that the book is rated no more than PG13 though. Now, to the review. Let’s see what Asha’s read recently.” She inclines her head, motioning for you to do so too. You do, and stare up at the stars. Suddenly they begin to re-arrange themselves, slowly forming words.

Title: The Dark is Rising

Author: Susan Cooper

Rating: PG, 5 stars out of 5

Pages:my paperback has 244

Classification: Fantasy

About the Book: "When the dark comes rising, six will turn it back..." On his Midwinter's birthday, Will Stanton turns eleven. He also discovers an amazing gift; he is the last of the immortal Old Ones, dedicated to keeping evil and Dark from engulfing the world. Immediately Will is sent on a quest for the six magical signs that will aid the Old Ones in the last battle between the Dark and the Light. The twelve days of Christmas in which the dark is rising will change Will's life forever.

Title: The Hounds of the Morrigan

Author: Pat O'Shea

Rating: PG, 5 stars out of 5

Pages: my paperback has 674

Classification: Fantasy

About the Book: A ten year old boy, Pidge, buys an old book in a second hand bookshop, and unknowingly sets free the ancient serpent Olc-Glas. Now he and his younger sister Bridget must keep the serpent from Morrigan, the Goddess of Death and Destruction. How? By finding a stone, long lost, that contains a drop of the Morrigan's acid blood. Though they are guided by friends of Dagda, great lord of wisdom, they are chased all through their quest by the terrible hellhounds-the hounds of The Morrigan.

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