Roevith and Q'nal

You are walking through one of the larger weyr hallways when a sudden loud noise causes you to stop. Curious, you track the sound to a large wooden door leading into a weyr. You cautiously open it and proceed into the weyr.

A huge brown dragon sits in the middle of the main weyr, curled protectively around a tall young man in his teens. The brown's eyes whirl faster than they should, in colors of orange tinged with red. The boy seems to be trying to calm his dragon down, but he has the use of only one arm.

"Roevith, calm down. Maybe he did mean it, but Weyrleader I'kal is dealing with him." The boy cuts the cloth expertly and stands up. He greets you, trying to raise his injured arm, but cautions you to stay.

"Heyla traveler. You're welcome, but I've got to calm Roevith down before he hurts someone. One of the green riders broke my arm, on purpose. The Weyrleader's talking to him, but he'll get off easy cause his green's proddy. I wish I had let Roe eat him!" He sighs, but smiles broadly at the same time. "If you promise you won't hurt me, I think he'll let you come closer now." He motions to the dragon who regards you solemnly, eyes now turning from orange to green to even blue. You step forward and the boy smiles.

"Good. He thinks you're harmless. I'm Q'nal by the way, now rider to beautiful brown Roevith here. I Impressed him at Talor Cliff Weyr. It wasn't more than three turns ago, but I already can't imagine life without him. Some of those who didn't Impress tell us that our dragons are too small because they're from a green's clutch." He scowls, then shakes his head.

"Smaller dragons are faster dragons, though. Excuse me traveler, but could you go over to that corner and reassure that flit? That's Hewl, and he's scared out of his tiny little mind and won't come closer. He still thinks Roe's mad at him, for scratching me a few sevendays ago." You turn, surprised, to see the cowering bronze firelizard hovering unsure in one corner of the weyr.

It chirps when you walk over to it, but accepts the dried meat you offer it before it blinks in-between. You turn to shrug at Q'nal but find him staring unbelievingly at his dragon's nose. Roevith looks quite surprised too, to have a flit on his snout, but settles down again and goes to sleep. Q'nal turns to you smiling.

"Thank you, traveler, though I wish Hewl wasn't such a coward. Roe likes him a little, but I do admit he can get sort of annoying. Come by more often!" You promise to, then leave quietly so not to wake the slumbering dragon and his tiny friend.

Hewl came from Seaguard Weyr

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