Ounali and Xianth

That one is afraid. Blue Xianth snorted to his rider. Why? Does he not know that I am the best Searchdragon in Everest? He would make a dragonrider, but not if he runs away on Hatching day.

Ounali looked to where her dragon seemed to be thinking, and saw a black haired boy shuffling his feet on the stones in front of him. You're right dear, he isn't worth the effort. See any others?

Xianth stretched his long neck out and tipped his head to the side, observing the apprentice harpers lined in front of him. The girl two down from the scared boy is promising, and the boy next to her. Other than the Master Harper, I see no one else. Ounali smiled and motioned for the two Xianth had indicated.

"You're Searched. Gather all your belongings, pets included. I'll send two greenriders later on to pick you up. Masterharper, you will see that they are there?" She turned to the rather scrawny man next to her, who nodded. Nearby, to her disgust, she saw A'lana select the boy who had been so scared of Xianth out of the crowd and motion to him to follow the other new candidates.

It was Carnath's choice. It is no matter, we can go now. Xianth told her. Nodding, Ounali replaced her riding helmet firmly over her short blond hair and sprang up onto hwe dragon in one swift leap. Her brown flit Fianal flittered down from the nearby rooftop he had been sitting on, squeaking in protest.

"It's not my fault you were so lazy you didn't take the opportunity to flirt with all the greens. We're heading home now, you can stay if you want." Ounali told him firmly. The flit shook his head adamently and snuggled close to her ear. Xianth rose high, then promptly went between. They arrived just over the weyrbowl, where Ounali could see two children playing with Shipfish.

Xianth landed and Ounali vaulted off. It was good to be home. Now to find someone to pick those harper kids up. A rider's work is never done!

Rider's NameOunali
Age15 turns
Impressed AtGallimim Weyr
Hair Colorlight blond
Eye Colorbrown
Petscanine, Shipfish
DragonBlue Xianth
Family at WeyrCousin F'nal
SpouseNone yet!
ChildrenNone yet!

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