With a flash of light, the portal transports you. Rubbing your eyes, you see only darkness. You close them for a minute, open them, and realize you can still see only darkness. Looking around, you see one spot of light, surrounding the portal you just exited and a small sign, which reads: "The Dark Forest, Walk Softly." You shrug, and are about to step on the portal again when something behind you rustles.

Slowly you turn around. A small, dainty looking dragon, her skin a bright yellow-gold, sits in the bushes, looking cautiously out at you. It seems almost childlike, but you have a feeling that she's fully grown.

"Hey little one. Who're you?" You croutch down and offer the little dragon your hand. It stares for a minute, then shuffles forwards.

Andromeda, as you're supposing the dragon wishes to be called, begins to sniff your hand cautiously, then rubs her head in a catlike manner on your feet.
Suddenly, another rustle sounds from the bushes where Andromeda emerged, but this time you can't see a thing. For a moment, you wonder if your mind is playing tricks, but then you see a flash of bright green. Slowly, your eyes adjust to see the long, lithe body, identical to your little friend in every way except she is as dark as a shadow, with lovely green eyes.

Cassiopia A quiet, silvery voice tells you, and the little dragon slinks up to you, repeating the sniffing and rubbing, though with less hesitation than Andromeda did.

"Nice to meet you." You smile.

At your smile, the manner of both dragons changes suddenly. They both open their mouths wide, imitating your grin. For a minute you are scared by the sight of so many sharp teeth, but then they begin to scamper around the clearing. Light and shadow race happily through branches and around your feet. You can hear their happiness in your head. Then suddenly, in a flash, they're gone. Smiling at this happy encounter, you step on the portal again and are gone.

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