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Two hearts bound to each other in eternity
-two people going separate ways.
Never to meet, but in a fleeting heartbeat
In which, both know both as well
Seconds pass and the opportunity,
slips away into the crowd and disappears.

Many Waters

Though many waters do not quench love,
They do dim its shining brightness.
Hiding it from those who seek it
Some unwary swimmer, gliding through the murky depths
Stumbles upon its brilliance
And drowns


O, for the night!
O for the storm, in which,
My troubled heart takes refuge.
The song in the silence of the night
Is best with the rhythm of thunder
O Heaven’s night, that which is punctuated,
By rainsheets and rumbles.

Tattered Dancer

Alone from the far beginning
I was here before the Earth
Abandoned by those who fear me
Not allowed to seek rebirth
I carry out my gruesome task
By bringing in the cold
Unfriendly fate dogs my tread,
No friend can my heart enfold
Seen shadowed and unfriendly,
I with the shadows lie
Then spread muffled wings and lonely lift
Into the velvet sky

The Beast

They say the beast is huge in size,
With big, big ears and bigger eyes,
With claws that tear and teeth that rip
If you’re in a cave, then here’s a tip
If you see the beast, it will be your last day…
At least, that’s what they say.

Mud Clay Fish

The mud-clay fish swim
In the clay-mud stream
Scales and tails all gray-brown

The mud-clay fish swim

Past pink-laced seaweed
Scales and tails all gray-brown, clay-brown
With a touch of pink

The mud-clay fish swim

Through green-touched waters
Scales and tails all
Green-brown, clay-brown
With a touch of pink

The rainbow fish swim

Through sky-blue meadows
Scales and tails all
Green-brown, clay-brown
With a touch of pink
And a hint of sky


*~Means "Little Lion", this poem is about a friend's kitten of the same name.

Orange tail twitches in the sun

Paws flex, head raises
Tufted ears prink
And lion’s eye gazes

Little lion, hunt begun

Stalks with silent paws
Then the leap!
A piece of chicken down the jaws!

I Am

I am the dragon.
I am the maiden, silent, bound
watching the great black shape soar closer
I am the cold flickering flame
I am the blueness of the smoke
And behind the fire
I dance with the dragon.


The soft winds whisper: “He is,
Always present, softly blowing.”

Tall trees rebuke them, “No!

They are solid, ever growing.”

The small bird sings, “She sounds,

Like birdtunes sung at dawn.”

The water knows, “He goes,

Flowing strong, forever on.”

But only, summer Starshine,

Who whispers to them all,
“The God I know is loving,
And I answer to his call."

The Glory

One night, as I lay starved for sleep
I listened to the silence deep
When suddenly, a whistle sounded
From the glowing end of night
It echoed challenge in the air
And sent forth burning, golden light.

From evening’s shadows burst a sight

A fiery ball of silver bright
Then like crystal, silver sphere shattered
With sounding of a million horns
A joy unknown to all burst forth,
A glory of shining unicorns!

Like dew from lily, molten silver dropped

Off of their backs, and as they hopped
On golden hooves, they wove a song.
Oh, how I wished to join them as they pranced
And filled with their glorious light
I laughed and with their circle danced

Twas many years ago, for now I’m old

And as silent nights grow rare, I’m told
That unicorns and hope both don’t exist
But when I tire this world grown dim
I’ll hear golden horns, but this time
When the glory comes, I’ll dance away with them!

Christmas Song

Oh raise your voices, shepherds low,

With those of glorious seraphim,
Join them in their thankful song,
This never-ending, joyous hymn.

For in a stable far away,

Among the ox and cooing dove
A holy babe is born today,
The only Son of God above.

So come rejoicing one and all,

Come to Bethlehem and see
This holy infant, holy child,
and him adore on bended knee.