Guith and M'thew

Strolling down the large main hallway of the lower caverns, you hear a faint scratching noise. Curious, you follow your ears up a stairway and to a large blue door. You open it, and find yourself in what looks like a small rider's weyr. A boy of maybe seventeen turns is sitting in the middle of the floor, one arm in a sling. In front of him is a large dried hide, which he is drawing on with a stick of charcoal. The boy looks up and hails you cheerfully.

"Heyla, friend. I am M'thew. Have you come to see Guith?" You shake your head, but he looks so disappointed that you tell him you would love to see Guith. And as you think about it, you suppose that you would. The boy immediately brightens and stands. He is about six feet tall! His blond hair is short, but clumsily cut so he looks shaggy. He gestures to you to follow him, and puts his finger to his lips to indicate silence.

A large brown dragon is asleep on the floor. The boy sighs lovingly and stoops to scratch hid dragon's eye ridges. The dragon croons softly; maybe it wasn't asleep after all.

"Friend, this is Guith, my dragon, my friend, and my life." M'thew sighs. "It's been a full day of training. Guith and I have been training for the flight of gold Nemsiath. Well, he's been training. I haven't been able to do much since I broke this arm during Fall." He holds up his left arm with the right and laughs. "I was worried when he became infatuated with Nemsiath, after he failed in the flight of green Saivath. Then he showed me her rider, Galvi. Now we train as hard as we can." He blushes again and looks down at the floor.

He's just embarrassed a voice in your head tells you. You look up at Guith and he winks at you conspiratorially. M'thew looks up at his dragon in indignation.

"Well, you know the world's come to an end when your own dragon is against you. I prefer to keep my feelings to myself." He stomps out of the weyr, drawing cradled in his arms. You look up at Guith, who seems to be laughing.

He'll get over it traveler. In the meantime, farewell, and wish me luck or he'll mope for a sevenday. You laugh and wish Guith good luck before leaving the weyr, stopping for a moment to check the hides you saw posted to the doorway.

Rider's NameM'thew
Rider's Age17 turns
Impressed AtJerdan Weyr
Hair ColorLight blond
Eye Colorblue
DragonBrown Guith
PetsApplied for a Flit Egg at Talor Cliff Weyr
SpouseNone, yet

Dragon's NameGuith
Dragon's ColorBrown
ParentsGold Nepristh and Bronze Selith
MateNone, yet
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