A Mountain Cave

You step through the portal, and immediatly find yourself in a dark cave. There is a hallway ahead, and several splits from it. Deciding you would be lost forever if you ventured down one of those dark chasims, you continue down the main hallway. You wince as suddenly a cave front appears directly in front of you, bright light pouring in from the west. Directly opposite the entrance, leaning against the wall, are a girl and a very strange blue creature. Just opposite them, scrawling on the ground with a long claw, is a small blue dragon.

The dragon looks at you. : Heyla traveler? Have you come to visit? I am Zadaar Em'Oin, but you can call me Zadaar, and this is my bondmate Laura and Scout. They're waiting for me to read my new story. Would you like to hear it?:

"Yes traveler, do stay." The girl smiles in your general direction

: She's blind : Zadaar says quietly, and you think he is talking only to you.

"Our little dragon is becoming quite a writer. He's such a little dreamer. Always got his scaly head stuck in some book. He also likes poetry, and is trying to con Scout into doing one of his plays."

: No Way! : A different mental voice echoes through your head. Laura shakes her head.

"Scout, its time for you to take a nap. Let's just listen to Zadaar's story first."

:Yes! All right, here it is. Once upon a time there was a dragon named Zadaar. And he flew far and wide over the Earth. And he met a frog and a bear named Zina and Zida, and then..I haven't finished it yet.:

"You haven't?" Laura laughs. "Well then, you better get started. I'll help you, but first I've got to get Scout to sleep. Traveler, you might want to go now, but feel free to come by any time." You thank her, then head back to the portal.

NameZadaar Emm'Oin
SpeciesDragonskies Dragon
Adopted FromDragonskies Adoptions
Colorblue (duh)
ParentsPurple Oinaar Av'Colb and

Orange Emmalyn Les'Wrax

Adopted FromThe Silver Unicorn

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