Meliox Pavillion

You step through the portal then open your eyes and gasp in surprise. You are standing in a well manicured garden, with neatly trimmed roses set up around a spotless limestone path. The path leads up to a fountain which has a dragon squirting water out of its nose. Just beyond the fountain is a large pavillion with large porches, then a smaller part inside which seems to be closed off to the world. On the steps, looking straight at you, is a large blue dog-like creature.

"What do you want?" it asks, fairly rudely. Surprised, you tell her that you were just visiting. "Well, bug off, we don't need you visiting here. I'm only out here cause that dork Faro blew up something and it stinks inside." She rises and stalks off past you into the roses, twitching her tail irritably.

Suddenly, a familiar voice comes from the direction of the pavillion. "Don't mind Lauri, she's a little grouch to almost everyone. She can be very sweet sometimes, but that's rare." You turn to see Destiny descending from the pavillion two steps at a time, followed closely by another strange creature.

"This is Faro traveler, and that was Lauri. They're meliox's. These two stay here to keep the garden in shape, though I don't know how they do it and stay alive. Lauri is very mean to poor Faro, and so are most of the other meliox." She looks down and sympathetically strokes the little meliox's head.

"He's very smart though. Even thought Lauri may not like the smell, he's created a fertilizer that will keep the bugs away. And he made a remote control bed last year, but that sort of went wrong. He doesn't talk as much as Lauri though." She shrugs. "Probably a good thing, eh?" She laughs.

"But I think now it's time for us to leave. Goodbye Faro dear, and if Lauri gets into any more trouble let me know." She bends down and kisses Faro's head, then leads you to the portal.

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