Me? Why would you want to know about that?

So, you want to know more about me? Well, I can't tell you much. My real name, my age, my gender (though that's pretty easily guessed), where I live. I do read enough to know all sorts of crazy stuff that could happen to me.

But, I can tell you a bit. First, I'm a Christian, though not as devout as I'd like to be. I have no favorite author, though I like Madeline L'Engle, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Brian Jacques, Robert Heinlein, and most Fantasy and Science Fiction. I tend to be a bit of a bookworm (that is a bit of an understatement).

I believe in all creatures mythological, with the possible exception of wooly mammoths. My favorite is the gryphon, followed closely by the dragon. I have a terrible sense of humor, which I inflict on people daily. I ride horses, my favorite breeds being the Paso Fino, Morgan and Tennessee Walker. I ride english style.

I have two extremely fat cats, Fred and Annebelle Milkshake, who is affectionately and practically known as "Baby" and who would love to eat a hamster. There are four hamsters in the house at the moment, out of reach of the cats. Pikachu, Lucy, and Desilu are all brothers and sisters from the litter born at our house while hamster-sitting for a friend. Gandalf is the absoloutely adorable fuzzy Russian-type hamster whose long hair and little wrinkled hands give him a look of aged wisdom (sort of..), thus the name. Also there is a poodle, Elliot, who is getting cataracts.

So, thats it. More about my pets than me, which is normal. I'm not very good with realistic description. Please, leave now and save yourself!

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