Denoth and L'nat

You climb several flights of stairs to reach the weyr you can just see, near the very top. It's a little colder up here, and you do not care to look out the windows and find how high up you actually are. You finally enter the weyr, but see no dragon in sight. There is however a boy of around sixteen turns sitting at a desk, writing. All of his thought is being put into the piece of paper in front of him, and he hasn't even stopped to brush his dark hair from his eyes. You cough politely and he looks up, acknowledges your presence, and continues writing. You find it very doubtful that a canidate lives all the way up here, so you question him how he got here.

"What? Oh, Denoth is out flying. He should be back shortly. I am L'nat, by the way. Ah, here he comes!"

"That's my bronze beauty! I Impressed Denoth at Talor Cliff Weyr, it seems like ages ago. Now, we can finally fly, and with any luck we'll be wingleaders soon. We've been flying Thread for about a year now, and haven't gotten scored yet. Would you like some klah? It's cold, but still good." You accept and take the mug he hands you. You sip it and relize he wasn't kidding about it being cold. Your teeth chatter and you politely put the mug back on the table.

"A little too cold, huh?" You nod and he laughs. "Sorry, I guess I'm just used to it. Living up here so high seemed like a good idea at first, but that was when we were weyrlings and would fly as far and long as we could to get anywhere. Now, I'm actually considering my old weyr, down on the second floor!" You say rather humorously that visiting on the third floor would be easier, as you need to go now in order to make it down before dark. L'nat laughs again.

"Ah, that would make sense. Well,if you have to go, come visit soon! I promise I'll be down lower." You promise you will, and are about to start down the stairs when L'nat stops you. "Since you were so nice to come and see us, how about Denoth and I fly you down? It wouldn't be any trouble, we've got to go to Talor Cliff again anyway. There's a queen there that Denoth likes, Wyrith, and her rider Reyra is no where short of astounding..." He blushes deeply, and you take his silence as an opportunity to accept his offer. L'nat helps you on the broad shining back, and you hang on amazed as you soar smoothly to the ground.

Rider's NameLinat
Rider's Age17
Impressed AtTalor Cliff Weyr
Searched FromIsta Cothold
DragonBronze Denoth

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