You follow the fairy librarian, careful to avoid stepping on her lovely wings, which stream out behind her when she walks. After a few minutes, your guide halts and you look up. A huge limestone gate looms in front of you, guarded on either side by a marble gryphon rampant, wings spread. You stare in appreciation and then suddenly the gate changes. A faint tremor runs across its dark surface, then with a blossom of light and false flames it seems to split into several smaller gates. You rub your eyes (which are still seeing sparks).

"Nice, isn't it?" A familiar voice laughs. Nodding your head, you notice the woman, who is leaning on one of the stone gryphons. She seems normal enough, though her features are a bit pointed and look rather, well, reptillian. Could it be...

"Yes, it's me, Destiny." The woman laughs, coming closer. "I see you decided to come into the library? Good choice, this is one of my favorite places to be. The large portal puts on that light show twice an hour, though the others are there all along. So, what do you wish to see? Our dear librarian has left you, I see?" You turn, and for the first time notice that Daphnia is gone.

"Gone to read to the hatchlings if I know her. Daphnia's such help, I don't know how we managed before she heard that we had a mess and came down from the Mythical Beasties Castle. She's great with the little ones, and she keeps the library very neat. She even got the portals to label themselves, which I never even thought of. Never underestimate a determined fairy, traveler. And now, do you wish to travel? The portals are open to you."

With a sweep of her hand she gestures to the swirling mists in front of you. "Or," she adds,"you may read this." She hands you a piece of paper labeled 'Updates and Site Map'. You turn to the portals.

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