Pintreth and L'nir

After wondering around the weyr for awhile, you decide to visit someone, anyone. Randomly picking a door, you swing it wide open to reveal a large weyr where a young man of around twenty turns sits, mending a broken fighting strap, his red head bobbing with the effort. A threadscore is evident across his browned cheek, and you wonder where he got it. The man raises his dark eyes and looks at you, then raises a hand in greeting.

"Heyla, guest. I'm L'nir, rider of bronze Pintreth. Also, now I'm a wingleader. I was very surprised when I was told, though I guess my record helped me. It was embarrassing, I had been a wingsecond and no one under my control got scored, then the day I got my own wing, one of the blues got a bad lacing and I got this." He points to the score on his face, laughs, and shakes his head. "I'm not worried, though. I just didn't duck quick enough. Pintreth got us out of there quick, and he didn't get scored at all!" He points out on the flight ledge and you follow his glance to see a large bronze basking in the sun on the flight ledge, one jewelled eye open.

"That's my boy!" L'nir says proudly. "It seems like ages ago I Impressed him at Jerdan Weyr, though I guess it was only about four turns. And now he's the most handsome and not to mention the fastest bronze in the weyr. Not that I'm boasting or anything." He grins.

"He caught Gold Isabeth in a flight several sevendays ago and now she has clutched sixteen eggs on the sands of Jerdan Weyr, where both dragons hatched. Since Threadfall, I haven't had much to do except wander aimlessly and be with Liliana, Isabeth's rider and my weyrmate." He blushes. "She's great. Oh yeah, and get my brother out of trouble. L'ink has been following some green rider around for weeks with flowers and sonnets, which he made me write since he can't rhyme. Also, he keeps on getting into trouble with the older riders and expects me to get him out, plus expecting the older riders to listen to me because I ride a bronze. If he weren't my brother, I think I'd really dislike him." L'nir grins, taking the sting out of his words.

Just then, a blue flit appears from in-between and perches on L'nir's shoulder, holding out it's foreleg for the man to remove the message tied there. "Thank you, Listan. Guest, this is my blue Listan, who has been a faithful messenger and companion since I Impressed him. Of course he's no Pintreth, but he's a nice little guy." L'nir scratches the blue's eyeridges, then reads the note.

"Hmmm.. I really should pass this on to L'ink. My foster mother wants me to fly her down to Crom to talk to a sick friend. But she also says her sick friend happens to be a girl of the right age for Impression. I just hope she doesn't expect me to become attached, at the moment at least I have only eyes for Liliana." He shrugs then looks at you thoughtfully for a moment.

"Would you like to help a sick girl?" he asks you seriously.

"Of course, but I'm not a rider." You tell him.

"Yes, I know, but I refuse to take her unless I have company. What do you say, would you mind a short trip on dragonback?" Pintreth, now standing awake outside bugles and puts his large head through the doorway, bending his sinuous neck to look you straight in the eye. The fact that his eye is larger than your head makes that stance rather unsettling, but you don't have time to think about that.

It will be a short trip traveler, and you would not be heavy at all. Please come! You shake your head before shakily accepting. The words really do just come into your head!

"Great!" says L'nir. "Come on, do you need riding straps? I think you'll fit nicely right there, and I'd have to borrow some." He points to a point on Pintreth's neck and you tell him you don't think you'll need straps. He nods and vaults up on Pintreth's leg and then his neck in one sharp movement, then gives you a hand.

"Hold on tight." L'nir warns. You do, hoping that you aren't hurting Pintreth. You can feel the huge muscles bunching up under you and then suddenly the dragon leaps into the air. There is a moment of free falling, then the huge bronze wings spread on either side of you and you can feel the wind from the first wingbeat brush against your face as the huge dragon soars down to the weyrbowl.

Rider's NameL'nir
Rider's Age20 Turns
DragonBronze Pintreth
Impressed AtJerdan Weyr
Hair Colordark red
Eye Colorhazel-brown
Petsflit,blue Listan
SpouseGoldrider Liliana
ChildrenNone, Yet

Listan was Impressed at Glass Island Weyr

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