You didn't tell me there was a wall there.

Bronze Choth looked around reproachfully at the young man standing by the dragon's outstretched wing. K'par smeared the rest of the numbweed on the few small scratches and looked up, grinning and brushing his surprisingly blond shock of hair out of his face.

"Cheer up, Choth. I wasn't the one showing off for those greens on the heights." He slapped the dragon affectionately on the side. The bronze rumbled grumpily.

No, you were turned around staring at that little goldrider splashing about in the lake.

"Well, anyway, I wasn't the one flying. But just scraping your wing isn't bad. Now if you'd really smacked good and hard, maybe then those greens would have been worried about you, instead of just laughing."

Silveruth looked considerably worried.

"As in she was the only one who didn't have to keep her rider from falling off the edge, so could pay more attention to you. They were all laughing so hard. Besides, I thought you told me greens were below you."

Suddenly, a loud cheeping noise resounded throughout the weyr. Then a green blur streaked across the weyr, knocking over an empty jar of numbweed before curling itself tightly around K'par's neck.

"Squeak! Are you trying to kill me?" The rider choked out a laugh as he slowly unwound the flit from his collar and held her at arm's length. Then he noticed the note tied around the green's tiny foot, and reached out to grab it.

Dear Kepar - or I guess it's K'par now. I'm back at the weyr now, Wanth and I have been put on sentry duty. I'd like to see how Choth is doing, fly over sometime. I hope this gets to you, Squeak found me right when we flew in and demanded a letter. You've trained her well.Clear Skies,


K'par smiled. He'd missed the old watchdragon and his rider ever since he had come to Dawn Sister's Weyr as a candidate, nearly a year ago. "Hey Choth, the wing feeling better?"

Considerably, if you allow for the fact that I am weak for loss of blood. The bronze stuck his nose in the air, then turned around and nearly grinned as he gently knocked his rider with his head. Choth is back?

"Yes. You want to go see him? It's on the outer wall, and there's lots of sun there this time of day."

Then by all means, let us go..

A few moments later, the bronze alighted next to a blue, which was seated on the old outside wall that formed the weyr's perimeter. Though he was only a weyrling, Choth already outsized the blue Wanth by nearly four heads. Wanth snorted peacefully, as K'par slid down Choth's back and clapped hands with a sturdy-looking old man, the bluerider C'xtle.

"K'par! You made it soon. Wanth told me you'd be too busy to come right away, but I told him you'd be here today, while the sun was still good." C'xtle crinkled his brown eyes as he gazed into the sun at the bronze who spread his wings partially to allow the warmth to reach them. "Choth's growing well. He'll be a regular giant when he reaches full growth."

K'par grinned happily. Despite their quarrels, he loved Choth and was happiest when the dragon was the subject of conversation.

"We've been flying nearly six sevendays now, and Choth was the first bronze in the air. Of course, he's still being clumsy. Ran into a wall today."

C'xtle shook his head. "That's what to be expected with these bronze monsters. Have a hard time controlling their wings. Now if you had gotten yourself a nice blue..." He broke off, smiling at the boy's expression of disgust. "Are they letting you fly between yet?"

"Nah. Weyrlingmaster C'gall says we won't be ready for Turns, the way we keep goofing up." K'par shrugged. "So C'xtle, how long are you staying?"

K'par! Look! Choth butted into the conversation and his rider as he turned his long neck to look down the wall. What is that?

Annoyed at the interruption, K'par gazed over the bronze's back.

"It's a feline Choth. C'xtle, when did you say you learned to fly between?

Can felines fly? K'par looked up in surprise. There was a slight tinge of awe in the dragon's voice, and Choth's eyes whirled excitably green.

"No Choth, they can't fly. Probably some vengeful flits or adventure seeking weyrlings dropped it off. It's just a feline." K'par watched in amusement as the dragon bent his head over to smell the little creature. It looked as if it might go up his nose, but instead it purred and rubbed against the rough hide.

It likes me! Can we keep it? Choth slowly moved his front hand forward. The little feline climbed aboard, and paced unworried up the bronze's gigantic body until it reached his neck and K'par's riding straps, where it curled up and promptly fell asleep.

"Well would you look at that?" C'xtle laughed. "Looks like you've got yourself another pet."

"It's Choth's feline." K'par sighed. "What will you call it, O dragon of mine.

I will call it Flit. The dragon announced, turning his head around to sniff the newly named Flit, who didn't move. It won't fall off, will it?

K'par shook his head. "They're hard to get rid of. You know C'xtle, I never really liked felines."

"Well, it looks like you're going to have to deal with it."

"Just my luck." K'par grinned. "Well C'xtle, you once told me all dragon's are unique. And I have proved you correct. I have Impressed the only dragon on Pern that likes felines." He gazed lovingly over the great bronze lump. "Clumsy dragon."

Careless rider.

"Big flirt."

Little flirt.

C'xtle smiled and leaned over close to his dragon. Remind you of two younglings we used to know?

Yes. Weren't we cute when we were small? Wanth snorted. Then they both gazed fondly at the arguing weyrlings. Dragonriding was the good life.

Age16 Turns
Hair ColorWhite-Blond
Eye ColorGray-Green
BirthplaceKilbrant Hold
PetsFlit, Green Squeak
DragonBronze Choth
Impressed AtDawn Sister's Weyr

SireBronze Branth
DamGolden Gillith
Impressed AtDawn Sister's Weyr

Impressed AtDawn Sister's Weyr

OwnerDragon, Bronze Choth
FromTalor Cliff Weyr